MagNet Screen is the most effective, economical and safest way to keep insects out but to allow fresh air in and to have an unobstructed window view. Our screens are made of flexible fiberglass mesh from ‘Phiferglass’ in USA the world most leading insect screen manufacturer. It is non-combustible and will not rust, brittle or corrode. The mesh is woven from permanent glass yarn and coated with a strong vinyl to ensure lasting colour and flexibility. They areproduced under the most exacting conditions to meet extremely rigid specifications and have passed 1200 hours of QUV accelerated weathering. We only use charcoal colour mesh because it’s the most transparent or invisible.

MagNet Screen magnetic insect screen is edged along the perimeter with a 12.5mm flexible UPVC strip on the facing side and magnetic strip on the underside. The UPVC strip is available in white, black, brown and grey to match with your window frame colour. Our magnetic strip is made from flexible rubber ferrite with permanent multipole magnet. The magnetic strip on the underside of the screen has a groove design. The other magnetic strip come with a tonque design and strong 3M VHB adhesive tape on the underside. This adhesive tape can stick on flat surface metal, wood, plastic or any materials. The screen is adhere to the window on this magnet. Tonque and groove design will provide a better grip.

The screen is virtually invisible and can be fitted seamlessly with the surrounding to maintain the aesthetic value of your home. In addition to screening insects, it provides UV protection, reduces penetration of heat and dust particle. MagNet Screen is fully custom made to suit most window size and shape and can be fixed on any window frame from aluminium, wood or even plastic.

Feature of MagNet Screen
* Easy to install.
* Washable.
* Non-combustible, does not rust, brittle or corrode.
* Tonque and groove magnet, provide better gripping.
* Custom made to any window size and shape.
* Can be fitted on any type of window frame.
* Provides UV protection.
* 100% seal against insect.
* Low maintenance.

Benefits of MagNet Screen
* Most effective and economical insect screening.
* Safe and hygiene. No pesticides and harmful chemicals.
* Prevent insects but allows air flow and visibility.
* Reduce room temperature. Save cooling cost.
* Easy to use.
* Easy removable. Simple to clean both the screens and windows.
* Reduces penetration of heat and dust particle.
* Screens fitted seamlessly with the surrounding to maintain the aesthetic value of your home.

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